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Advantages of a
Custom Built Computer
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Advantages of a

Custom Built Computer



1) All components are high quality and commercially available off the shelf, making repair parts easily available to any credible computer repair shop or home enthusiast.



2) The customer receives a detailed specification sheet which defines all components used in the computer.



3) With the detailed specification sheet, and the commercially available components, the system is easily upgradeable and/or repairable by any competent computer shop.



4) There are no costly proprietary parts that can only be purchased from the manufacturer, often at exorbitant prices.



5) Customer's receive a computer with a clean Windows Operating System install that is not bundled with manufacturer's software, often referred to as bloatware, which can slow your computer down. Purchasers often spend additional money at the time of computer purchase to remove such software.



6) The customer receives the original Microsoft Windows Operating System disk instead of bundled recovery software, which is often on the hard drive and not in disk form. If the hard drive fails, the system recovery feature is lost. Further, such recovery software is often branded to the motherboard serial number, which means that the motherboard cannot be replaced without the purchase of a new Windows Operating System. This adds significantly to cost of repair.



7) Customers choose the hardware and software that they need and do not pay for un-needed items, assuring best use of their dollars. Everything is reviewed during the planning process and tailored to unique customer needs. Alternative suggestions are made to reduce cost, and every effort will be made to design a system that meets the customers budget requirements.



8) The system can be customized to include built-in automatic data back-up processes, at a reasonable cost, if this feature is necessary for the customer.



9) The builder of the system will be available to the customer for answering questions concerning the custom computer, without service charges, for as long as they own the system. Questions can be handled through e-mail, telephone, or Skype.





We accept major credit cards and will bill you via e-mail where you will pay with one click through PayPal's

secure site (you do not need a PayPal account to use this service).

As we operate on a small margin, there is a surcharge for this service.

Call 484-889-3272 to place your order. - Custom Computer Systems Design, Sales, & Services in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey